Announcement of Schrodinger Project

BBC and Fluendo are working on a new implementation of the Dirac codec.
The goal of this new implementation is to focus on speed and

Two libraries will be developed in ANSI C, one for decoding of the Dirac
video codec and for for encoding.

You can find out more about the project here:

As part of this project we will also make sure the Dirac video codec can
be contained in the Ogg container format and work with to
ensure that this mapping is acceptable to the Xiph community.

The code is not yet in a working state, but interested people are
suggested to join the mailing list or check out development as it
proceeds in our Subversion repository.

Working with BBC and Fluendo on this project is David Schleef, who is
also the primary author of the liboil optimization library.

This message is meant as a notice for interested parties, a more formal
announcement will be made once the project is further along.


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