GStreamer Core, Base Plugins and Good Plugins Released

Hi everyone,

new releases of GStreamer Core, Base Plugins and Good Plugins are out !

For the details, check

For a quick run-down:
      * Documentation updates
      * Bug fixes
      * Base class improvements
      * Extra utility API
      * More elements ported from 0.8
      * Fixes for win32 build.
      * typefind improvements
      * Ogg decoding and encoding fixes
      * Improved audio and video sink classes
      * Bug and leak fixes
      * Improved video scaling
      * On-the-fly visualisation switching
      * Subtitle support
      * New libcdio based CDDA reading element
      * APE tag reader ported
      * ID3 tag reading fixes
      * Sun Audio Sink fixes
      * GOOM and gconf element fixes
      * lots of bug and leak fixes


Jan Schmidt thaytan noraisin net


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