Re: Common Music database

Hi everyone,
Related to the discussion about a common Music database is something I 
discussed with Milosz not long ago. And that is how to handle things
like Album covers in a shared way. In the beginning I was thinking it
would be good to be able to share this so that you didn't have to have a
full set of cover copies for every player you install, but I have come
to think of it as even more important for music store downloaders.
Currently I am using the emusic/J application
( which lets me buy/download
songs from It also downloads album covers for everything I
grab and lot of the albums on emusic are not available from Amazon,
which is where I think most players today are grabbing their albums
covers from.

It would be good to define some kind of naming standard and location so
that emusic/J and others could download and place the album covers
somewhere so that even when playing songs which do not have a cover on
Amazon, the cover would be available.

This way we could display a whole lot more covers than we currently do,
even without each player having to add 50 cover downloaders for the
various music stores out there.


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