suggestion: unified media player control panel applet

Hi there. My first post to this list; Reinout van Schouwen suggested it
as the best place for this idea.

Most GNOME media player applications stick an icon in the notification
area. Rhythmbox, Muine, etc - they all have their own code to stick an
icon in there for controlling the player. This is unnecessary
duplication of effort. It's also bad interface design; the notification
area is meant for notification, not app interaction, and usually these
icons cannot be turned off. I had an idea to fix all these problems.

The developers of GNOME media player apps should get together and design
a single panel applet for doing basic playback control to replace all
the separate notification area icons that are currently used. It would
be much more sane to have a panel applet with play / pause, forward,
back and any other necessary controls than for each app to have its own
notification area icon for these functions. The controls would apply to
any and all currently open media players.

A combined panel applet reduces duplication of effort, cuts down on
notification area pollution, allows the user more control of whether and
where controls need to be present, and is more convenient than each app
having its own notification area icon.

If I could write a line of code, I'd write this myself. Unfortunately, I
can't, so someone else will have to do it :). It shouldn't be very
complicated, though. Do people like this idea?

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