GStreamer 0.9.3 releases

Hello everyone,

Today we released 7 (if man is 6) modules in the GStreamer 0.9
development series.  For your convenience, all of these are versioned
0.9.3, and work together - even though the API will still change a
little in the future.

The modules being released are:
- GStreamer Core "Unregistered"
- GStreamer Base Plug-ins "De Facto"
- GStreamer Good Plug-ins "Aramis"
- Gstreamer Ugly Plug-ins "Athos"
- GStreamer Bad Plug-ins "Porthos"
- GStreamer FFmpeg Plug-ins "D'Artagnan"
- GStreamer Python Bindings "For the Virgin"

Release notes for individual modules are linked to from the news item:

Some of the highlights:
* gst-register has been removed
  * Extensive documentation updates
  * BaseTransform reworked
  * bus reworked; signal API added
  * RTP base classes
  * lame, rmdemux, iec958 fixes
  * ported gsm, tta, sdlvideosink
  * Enjoy,
  * Thomas
  * (who would have loved to end the mail without an asterisk, but for
    some reason evolution doesn't let him)

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