Nokia and GStreamer

Hi everyone,
Over the last months we at Fluendo have been working on improving
GStreamer together with the rest of the GStreamer community. One of the
reasons we have had the resources to do so at this pace has been thanks
to the support of Nokia. We haven't mentioned this before as Nokia have
wanted to keep a low profile on it until the launch of their product. 

Since they are now in the process of launching their device we are now
free to talk about it and make the community aware of Nokia's
involvement. So for a lot of the improvements and fixes you have seen go
into GStreamer for the last months from us, the credit is not only ours,
but also Nokia's. Those of you who go to GUADEC this year will be able
to hear a bit about the work Nokia is doing with GStreamer and maybe get
to see the first device they have made with it. Personally I think its a
very cool device and I have only seen the prototypes so far :)

I am really excited about this because its a great validation of the
work the community have done on GStreamer over the years. Going forward
Nokia have been very strong and clear on wanting to work with the
community as well as possible, both through Fluendo but also with direct

There will be multiple people from Nokia at GUADEC this year, including
Yannick and Carlos who are doing a talk so there will be ample
opportunity to talk with them and ask questions. Don't know if they will
be taking orders for the device though :)


P.S. I make sure to send a mail with a link to the official Nokia press
release and product information when I get it, so you have more info
about this than 'the device' :)

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