Changing volume up/down behaviour

Hi all,

I'm having a Dell Inspiron 8600, which has a volume up/down button and a
mute button (together with some playback stuff). These buttons are
mapped to the alsa Master channel. Is there a way to change this
behaviour to Headphone, I never use the internal speakers (that's
musical rape) and the Headphone channel is used separately from Master,
that is: when I increase master, it has no effect on headphone, so I
basically have 3 buttons I don't use now.

Is there a way to map the volume up/down/mute buttons to the headphone
without too much black voodoo (as in: patching my source, I'd rather
stick to Ubuntu's packages).

Thanks in advance,

PS: if this mail is on the wrong list, feel free to slaughter me
ritually :-)

Ruben Vermeersch

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