Announcing first release of Cupid


I'd hereby like to announce the first release of Cupid, a video/audio
capture application based on GNOME and GStreamer. Cupid 0.0.1 can be
downloaded through

* support for alsa, oss for audio and v4l, v4l2, v4l/mjpeg for video. No
other OS than Linux is supported for video-capture yet.
* support for all encoders/muxers that GStreamer knows about, including
Ogg/Theora and MPEG-4/AVI.
* perfect lip-sync
* nice overlay to see what you're capturing
* volume and brightness controls

I recommend using GStreamer CVS to get a good result, although the
latest releases (0.8.3 of gst-ffmpeg, 0.8.7 of gst-plugins and 0.8.8 of
gstreamer core) might work too. GNOME requirements are less exotic,
it'll work with pretty much any recent GNOME installation.

Known bugs:
* v4l1 capture won't work with 0.8.7 - you need CVS (yes, that's
pathetic...). v4l2 and v4l/mjpeg works fine, though, and since most
modern cards have v4l2 drivers, it shouldn't be a huge problem.
* webcams won't work. Don't try. Don't bother. Get a real TV-card.
Hardware-codec cards *will* work, however. I regularly test with
MJPEG-codec boards (Pinnacle DC10+).
* quite some encoders and muxers might do nothing or dump core. Those
need fixing. Try using the obvious ones for the best chance on luck.
* there's something weird with the comboboxes, I don't know what really,
but their selection is lost once in a while. Also, sometimes they don't
refresh correctly. In those cases, closing and reopening the preferences
dialog will fix it.
* avi (or, rather, each muxing format) will only work once. You need to
reset the elements in the preferences dialog, or restart the
application. Those elements basically need fixing and I didn't get to
that part yet. ;).
* theora encoding is slooooooooooooooo.................w.
* see the TODO list for more stuff.

File bugs in GNOME bugzilla (product GStreamer - Gst-rec) and send
patches and sugestions there too. At some point, I'll probably move it
to its own CVS and give it its own bugzilla product, but hey, it's still
young and needs maternal love.



Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje gnome org>

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