bug in esound-0.2.35


  just ran into this using Ubuntu.  I was trying to
play a simple .au file using ESD and everything worked
is i use 'esdplay'.  Using combination 'esdctl cache
and 'esdctl play ...' resulted in audio being clipped.
The problem especially was evident when using 
'esdctl loop ...' to play file in a loop.

  After looking at the code i was able to find and fix
the problem (please note that i have no idea of how
sound files are working).  The function
(esdfile.c) is used to send file contents to the
server.  In my case, it sends 2*filesize bytes 
since bytes_per_frame = 2.  'esdplay' works since 
it just reads the socket (i.e. file contents) until
it hits the end.  'esdctl cache' does not work since
it read (and stores) filesize bytes (and not 
2*filesize bytes), resulting in only half of sound
sample.  The fix is to change line esdfile.c:198

    sample_id = esd_sample_cache( esd, out_format,    
     out_rate, length, name);


    sample_id = esd_sample_cache( esd, out_format, 
     out_rate, length*bytes_per_frame, name);

  I can provide a test file is you need to.  The
of 'file pump.au' shows:
pump.au: Sun/NeXT audio data: 8-bit ISDN mu-law, mono,
8000 Hz

-- stanley

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