Re: ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.5

Lennart Poettering wrote:


Hi Lennart,
I was wondering if Polypaudio will be ported to OSX or not. I use Gnome 2.6 on osx with fink... esd works but has some glitches.


I released the Polypaudio Sound Server 0.5 a few minutes ago. Changes

- extensive API improvements
- new module module-combine for combining multiple sound cards into one
- gcc 2.95 compatibility
- configuration files
- "lazy" samples
- support for source and network latency measurements (in addition to sink latency measurements)
- add module-pipe-source
- many other fixes and improvements.

This all makes it an even better replacement for ESOUND in Gnome 2.10. ;-)

gstreamer and mplayer drivers work more or less, but aren't released
yet. Porting polypaudio to FreeBSD and a driver for PortAudio are next
on my TODO-list.

BTW: This is the first release where polypaudio exceeds esound in all
respects. You can even replace the esd binary with a polypaudio
wrapper script and run gnome that way and everything works as


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