Marlin 0.6 - is released

Marlin 0.6 -
What is it?
Marlin is a sample editor for GNOME using GStreamer is an organisation promoting the idea that "The Iraqi
people shouldn't pay Saddam's bills". is in no way
affliated with the Marlin project or me.

Screenshots -
Downloads -


What's new?
* Well, everyone likes pretty things so there's 2 pretty VU Meters in
the recording dialog.
  They don't work or do anything, but they look pretty. Its a long
story why they don't work yet.
  It doesn't involve sheep in anyway.
* The information in the information dialog can be editted. Well some
of it can. Some can't
  yet. It'll be saved too.
* Marlin checks for the existance of a file before writing and asks
you if you want to make a
  backup of it. Backups are not automatically created because
automatically backing up a
  1.8Gig file every time might quickly eat up your disk space. And
that'd be bad.
* So that data is never lost when writing, Marlin will write files to
a temporary file and
  only when that file is successfully written will it copy into the
right place. This means that if
  aliens invade, or your house blows up in a gas explosion or even the
mundane humdrum
  things like -ENOSPC or tripping over the powerlead happen while you
are saving, then the
  original file won't be corrupted.

Whats not new?
* No-one cares about this, but loads of code was moved around a bit.
Makes it nicer for the
  scores and scores of developers just itching to get their hands onto
Marlin's wonderful
  52k lines of code.
* Most (but not all, yet) of the Channel code has been made far more
stable, and has been
  refactored so it is non-destructive. This is the start of the
foundations for Undo/Redo. Isn't that
  exciting? I think so too...
* Generally the user experience has been made loads better.
* And lots of silly little bugs have been fixed too. In fact...I think
this release is 100% bugfree,
  but feel free to prove me wrong at

Big important thing:
This is the first ever release of Marlin that depends on actually
released tarballs of GStreamer. Don't think this'll be happening too
regularly, but you never know. This is why the VUMeters just sit there
looking pretty and rainbowy, because if I had hooked them up to do
something, then it'd have needed CVS HEAD of gst-plugins, and
requiring a CVS version of something the day after a release of said
thing would just be silly. So I left them unconnected. Feel free to
try to make them work, I won't stop you.

So there we go, yet another release of Marlin. If you want to send me
free stuff, go ahead. I like guitars (Fender Jaguar or early 90s Tele
Plus) or random effect pedals or anything really. I don't ever expect
anything, but hey, miracles can happen.

Just remember: "Float like leaf down river of life, *and kill old
woman!!*" *ahem*

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