How can I listen to audio cd through USB headset


I'm using Fedora 2 with ALSA sound drive. I plugged in an external
Logitech USB headset to my computer; When I play audio cd (gnome-cd),
the CD Player seems running, but I can never hear sound from USB audio;
I can hear sound from audio port on cdrom drive panel. I test different
computer, sometimes I can hear from onboard audio port; I still can't
hear from USB audio port. The output of command "esd -h" is as followed:

Possible devices are:  hw:0  (Logitech USB Headset)
                       hw:1  (Intel Via)

I tried other cd player applications (Gnome Grip and Sound Juicer CD
Ripper), same problem.

What's the problem? Is it a bug of gnome-cd? Does it support ALSA or esd
sound driver?



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