ANNOUNCE: Polypaudio 0.7


I am proud to announce Polypaudio 0.7. Changes are too many count
(nearly every single file was touched since 0.6)

An excerpt:
- ability to publish credentials in X11 root window (like arts does)
- IPv6 support
- Esound backend (use polypaudio on top of an esound daemon)
- excessive commenting
- new tool pacmd
- integer only resampler (use this if you have a slow CPU without much
  FP power. The quality is quite bad, but it is fast)
- real support for ulaw/alaw
- tons and tons of cleanups and fixes
- new command "load-sample-dir-lazy"

paman 0.6, pavumeter 0.4 and xmms-polyp 0.5 have been released as

Drivers for libao, Xine, MPlayer, GStreamer are available in their
respective upstream CVS or SVN servers.

The PortAudio driver is still in the works.

It seems as if Polypaudio is now part of Ubuntu (these packages are
eventually uploaded to Debian as well), Sourcerer (?), SourceMage (?)
and the FreeBSD Ports system.


name { Lennart Poettering } loc { Hamburg - Germany }
mail { mzft (at) 0pointer (dot) de } gpg { 1A015CC4 }  
www { } icq# { 11060553 }

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