GNOME-media 2.7.92 released


I just uploaded GNOME-media 2.7.92 to the GNOME FTP servers. Below is
the information from the NEWS file. Please test, report bugs and all the
obvious. Do note that we're in code freeze for 2.8.0 now. :).

Changes since 2.7.1:

        * GStreamer-based (CDDB-capable) backend to GNOME CD
        * Added "nb" and "bs" translations
        * Added ALSA switches (simple boolean on/off) to Volume Control
        * Made the whole release compile properly using -Wall -Werror

Bugs fixed since 2.7.1:

        * 51152: CD Player does not support CDDA
        * 123937: Progress bar does not move while recording
        * 140082: Too many "name-changed" events for Play/Pause button
        * 142828: Bad preprocessor directive in gnet-private.h
        * 143287: [Solaris], Need to set the audio port
        * 143327: No ATK name for Available Themes selection widget
        * 144341: gnome-cd chrashes/hangs when opening/closing tray
        * 144536: missing gst-cdparanoia-cdrom.c and
        * 148353: gnome-cd crashes when pressing ejecting a cd while it
is ...
        * 151305: missing return value in seek_to()
        * 151306: Cleanup of issues reported by sparse/gcc


Ronald S. Bultje <rbultje gnome org>

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