GNOME-media Maintainership

Ronald and Thomas have agreed to take over maintainership of
GNOME-media.  I think this will help make GNOME-media a better package
overall, as they have really been doing more of the job than me to begin
with.  I really see this point as more of a formality than anything
else, and I thank them for agreeing to take it over officially.

As for me, I'm not leaving Free Software or anything crazy like that. 
I'll probably read less GNOME lists, but this will give me more time to
spend on Inkscape ( and Open Clipart

I apologize to all of you who submitted patches that I just didn't get
to, there are many good ones in bugzilla.  Thanks for all of your help
while I was maintainer, I am now more confident that there will be good
things coming from this increasingly important package in GNOME.


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