level element


in HEAD CVS, I fixed up  the level plugin to actually do something
useful.  I'd appreciate it if someone looked over it who's interested in
this and tell me if it looks sane.

a) it signals elapsed time since last eos (or it should, it doesn't see
eos yet), as well as RMS, peak level and decaying peak level
b) it does this over the interval length you can set
c) you can also set peak falloff

That's all I think I need from a level plug-in; is there anything else
it should be reporting ?

There are two demo apps in the dir as well.  One plays a pipeline you
give it, which should include a level plugin, and then shows running
time and these three values for two channels using Gtk scales.  The idea
is that we can now hook up this element to a vumeter widget, of which
there are two that I know of, and I am thinking of extracting these and
putting them into a general media widget library.

The second app just prints out the data so it can be used for gnuplot. 
See the README.

I'd like to backport this to 0.6 ASAP, which would be easy since it's
just copying the files.  But I need to make sure I haven't missed


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