Marlin 0.2 (4 More Years, How Many Dead?)

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In celebration that I've written 1333 words of a 2000 word essay ("What
is Practical Theology?") I thought I'd release Marlin 0.2. I kinda
wanted to release it ages ago, but then I got distracted by doing stuff
in GStreamer and kept meaning to release rillyrillysoonhonest. So it
just sort of sat there, and I figured I'd get it released so that people
could test it and break it, and so that people didn't think it was
another dead project etcetcetc.
So please download, test and break it.
And tell me.
And I'll get back to it once I get my essay sorted out.
Or whenever I need a break from writing it.

What is Marlin?

Its a Sample Editor.
It edits Samples.
It uses GNOME and GTK+2
It looks pretty

What's changed? Ermmm
* We do stuff with any metadata a file may have.
* Should load and save markers in wavfiles if you have a recent   
  enough GStreamer (HEAD branch)
* More paste options, and more silly features like halving  
* Hmmm...
* Oh, the CD ripp^wextractor should work again, and if you have
  Musicbrainz installed it'll get details from there and use them
  in naming samples.
* Markers can be added and editted and used for minor editting jobs
* In the file selector there's preview details of sound samples.
* Errr...
* Bound to be other stuff I've forgotten (Can you tell I'm putting
  lots of thought into this announcement?)
* Oh yeah...
* It has a thumbnail of the whole sample in the overview bar now.
  Soundforge doesn't even do that!

What does it look like? is a good
screenshot. There's others kicking around that site.
Some are out of date.

Where can I get it?
Rumour has it you can download it here
You shouldn't always believe rumours though...

Can I help?
Please do, I have no real clue what I'm doing. In fact as David Devant
and His Spirit Wife once sang "We're making it up as we go along,
humming a half remembered song. When we woke up, we thought, whats the
big deal...then we remembered, this is for real". Only the first line of
that really was relevant, but I thought I'd do the whole thing. People
to work on docs would be nice...translators too.
Testers really welcome, and audio engineers can tell me what they want
Marlin to do. I'd love to have feedback.

What do I need?

GNOME 2.4. It'll be moving to gnome2.6 base soon, but it'll still work
on 2.4 for the time being.
If you want track listings in the CD ripp^wextractor then you'll need
GStreamer 0.7+ is required. HEAD CVS would be preferable cos then you'll
get extra stuff, but 0.7.1 should be fine if thats all you have and
can't be bothered fighting Sourceforge's anoncvs stuff.

Is there a website?


Where is it?

Is there a roadmap so we can see where you're heading?

Yes! I spent hours making one, cos all the cool projects have one, and
we want to at least give the impression we're a cool project.

Any art commissioning, just ask me. I'm great at art. You're bound to be
able to tell.

As usual, all donations of
a) Old guitar effects
b) Fender Jaguar/Telecaster guitars
c) Money
d) Soundcards that work with ALSA and aren't limited to 48Khz 
   (dumb Extigy)
e) bugfixes and feature patches
Will be greatfully received, although, and I'm getting realistic here,
not really expected.

Hasta La Vista Baybee!
iain (back to essay time I guess)
"Oh gooodie! Another slashdot boycott! I bet this one will be just as
effective as all the previous ones." (/. post)

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