gxine 0.3 released


gxine 0.3 has just been released.

gxine is an advanced gtk media player style frontend for xine. it
features gnome as well as kde desktop integration (registers itself in
nautilus, konqueror and registers menu entries - if you want it to) and
comes with a mozilla browser plugin so you can watch media streams on
the internet (it emulates windows media player / real player / quicktime
browser plugins and starts gxine on the embedded streams).

while gxine is still in it's early stages of developement it is quite
usable already.

Besides a major code cleanup and the port to gtk 2.0
this new release brings a lot of new features and improvements such as
the use of xml for playlists and other config files, a javascript engine
for remote control and scritability, lirc support, a keybindings editor
and menu-selectable visualizations. The mozilla plugin has also been
upgraded and should now run in newer mozilla builds and can emulate the
real player and quicktime plugins.

from the changelog:

        * ported to gtk 2.0
        * switched to asx/xml file formats for mediamarks/playlists
        * ability to load/save playlist files
        * drag&drop interactive sorting support in mediamarks and
 	  playlist editor
        * full deployment of javascript engine
        * remote-controllable via unix domain socket, client included
        * gxine will start only one instance per user 
        * major code cleanup
        * play_item concept (mediamarks and playlist items are the same)
	* configurable keybindings plus a keybindings editor
	* the gtk xine widget (included in gxine) now automatically
	* tries
	  to disable screensavers during playback
	* lirc support
	* zoom in/out video option
	* visualization plugins (e.g. goom) support
	* link browser plugin against libX11/libXt to avoid relocation
	* errors
	  with newer mozilla versions
	* support reference events



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