Re: Id3 tags and gnome-vfs

Le ven 25/07/2003 à 03:18, Brian Kerrick Nickel a écrit :
> I'm trying to write a gnome-vfs based mp3 player, but I can't think of a
> way to read id3 tags off non-local files.
> Are there any id3 libraries that work well with gnome-vfs, and if so, or
> is there any good documentation on how to do this with non-vfs-friendly
> libraries?


I don't know much about the existing tag libraries, if you find a
library which can extract a tag from a buffer in memory, you can use
gnome_vfs_read to get your file id3 tag in a buffer and then hand that
to your id3 library. Another possibility would be to have a look at how
rhythmbox does that (probably through gstreamer).


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