Re: First release of MAS available

fre, 2003-01-24 kl. 13:09 skrev Elliot Lee:

> What reasons do you see making important to use gstreamer from all gnome
> apps to generate the sound events?

Because the whole linux world is never going to standardise on one sound
server, just like we can't standardise on one toolkit.

I don't need a sound server, my sound card can do everything I need by
The low latency people need JACK because it gives them low latency.
The people who want to run KDE programs need to have Arts to output the
sound, so it would be good if gnome programs used it too.
Some people might need ESD, because suckyprogramC depends on it
Others might want MAS because they want some funky feature MAS has.

What circular dependancies will it create? GStreamer only depends on
glib, and the gnomevfssink/src depend on GnomeVFS, but it can be moved
elsewhere in the dependancy chain.

As for the "missing features", yes, we come to the lowest common
denominator, but just like with gtk you used (still are) able to get the
XWindow from a GdkWindow and do things at a more low level you can do
them with GStreamer as well.


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