Re: First release of MAS available

On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 14:09, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On 24 Jan 2003, iain wrote:
> > > b) if we want to include it, then to what degree should we integrate
> > > this with GStreamer? (there are some areas of overlap)
> > 
> > We write a GStreamer massrc and massink.
> > Then, we use gstreamer to output audio in gnome.
> Will cause tons of circular dependencies, much pain, and unnecessary
> bloat.
What circular dependencies? gnome apps depend on gstreamer core, only
gstreamer MAS plugin depens on MAS.

> gstreamer is a media framework, not a sound server. Gnome-in-general needs
> only a sound server, not a media framework, and IIRC media frameworks such
> as gstreamer are missing features necessary to adopt them as replacements
> for the sound server functionality that esound provides.
Well the question is if asking apps to depend on gstreamer is a lesser evil 
than needing to maintain two sets of sounds system interfaces.

> What reasons do you see making important to use gstreamer from all gnome
> apps to generate the sound events?
One place to maintain support for sound systems
and one place of sound system configuration would be my major arguments.

> -- Elliot
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