Re: More information on MAS

On 4 Feb 2003, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:

> Also as a sidenote, Zeeshan Ali has already begun working on a set of
> MAS source and sinks for GStreamer, the first code for this is already
> checked into the head branch, but if I understood Zeeshan correctly he
> needs some more info from Mike to make it work right.

Yeah, we're working on the soundserver API and some more documentation
that'll get him going.  With that in place, the first targets will be
GStreamer source and sink elements that talk to MAS as clients.

It's possible that we can do other funky connections between MAS and
GStreamer, like with raw RTP or by plugging GStreamer into MAS; but all
those ideas make my head hurt right now.  Simple stuff first!


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