Re: GNOME-media on the road to 2.4.0

<quote who="Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller">

> > I think the solution is to reject non-free plug-ins--to write
> > GPL-covered plug-ins and distribute them in countries that don't have
> > software patents, such as Brazil.  That will do the job in a fully
> > ethical way.
> Offering a download from Brazil isn't what I would call a grandma friendly
> solution. 

Actually, it's really easy. Debian does exactly this (though mirrored) with
their non-US repository and servers. There is no reason why we couldn't use
non-US resources for some or all of our infrastructure. This one is easy to
solve, because it's just meat and metal. :-) It's the moral issues that are
tougher. :-)

- Jeff

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