Re: GNOME-media on the road to 2.4.0


> See above, you need to ask your lawyers if you want an advice that you
> and your company can trust.

Yes, that is sound advice.

> > I just chatted with Christian on IRC, and I believe he is planning
> > to respond to this thread with more information about the dialog
> > the gstreamer team has had with RMS in the past.
> > 
> > I do not believe I am trying to spread misconceptions here.  By
> > discussing this issue in an open forum, I hope to gain a better
> > understanding of the issue.  I assume that if I have any
> > misconceptions, this is an appropriate place to have those 
> > misconceptions cleared away.
> Why did you completely ignore Havoc's answer in your response to Iain
> then?

Mostly because Havoc's email was sent to me privately, and I was not
sure that Havoc wanted his perspective shared with this public forum.
I am happy to see him involved with the discussion now, though.


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