Gstreamer Player "I will survive" 0.5.1 released

Gstreamer Player "I will survive" 0.5.1 released

This is a the 0.5.1 release of the GStreamer Player. It should be used
with GStreamer releases 0.6.1 and higher. 

Gst-player is a player application which can play back all media
supported by the GStreamer framework including mp3, ogg, flac, mpeg,
avi, vob, mod and others. While it do support audio formats it is
designed to primarly be a video player. 

Whats New
      * Drag and drop media files from Nautilus into Gst-player
      * Media info button added to GUI, press this to get media metadata
      * Visualisation when playing music, defaults to Goom, can be
        changed with gconf-edit
      * Removal of some uneeded debug messages
      * General code cleanup and polish

Known issues
Most known major issues are fixed in this version of gst-player. There
are some polish items left like rescaling in non-xv mode and support for
GNOME recent files.

There is one known crasher bug:,
this bug is not in the player, but in the gstplay support lib bundled
with GStreamer itself. We aim to have that bug fixed for GStreamer 0.6.2

Fun Stuff
If you want to make your own screenshots you need to edit the GStreamer
videosink GConf key. After xvideosink add 'disable-xv=1'. We do not
advise using this for normal viewing if you have Xv support available,
as it lowers performance and disables scaling.

For even more fun, set the key to something like agingTV ! colorspace !

You find download links on our Gst-Player release homepage:


Contributors to this release

      * Julien Moutte <jmoutte(AT)>

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