GStreamer "Proven to be true" 0.6.1 released

GStreamer "Proven to be true" 0.6.1 released
The GStreamer team is proud to announce an updated version in the
ABI-stable 0.6.x series, which features many bugfixes and some feature
improvements over the previous 0.6.0 release.

At this point in time GStreamer is fully functional for creating
audio-based applications, as shown by applications such as
gnome-sound-recorder, net-rhythmbox, sound-juicer and nautilus-media. 

The video part is known to be somewhat less functional than the audio
part, but applications such as gst-player works very well, and a port of
Totem is in progress in GNOME CVS.

We will also be releasing a development 0.7 release series, in which we
will work on such things as the remaining issues, such as the
interactivity support which is needed for DVD menus and SWF (Flash).
This means developers working on apps needing these services can use the
0.7 series for development and then enable 0.6 support as these
additions optionally get backported to 0.6 once they are stable and work

The GStreamer applications we ship all check for both gstreamer-0.6,
gstreamer-libs-0.6 and gstreamer-play-0.6; if those aren't found the 0.7
version of those files are checked for. We suggest anyone making
GStreamer-based apps do the same.

We are starting to have a really nice collection of applications under
development using GStreamer. If you are looking for something specific
check out our  growing applications status page:

      * Pipeline based media architecture
      * Over 130 plugins
      * All parts interchangeable
      * Few dependencies, only glib, popt and libxml for core (libxml
      * Python Language bindings
      * Good documentation
      * Widely deployed through bundling with GNOME 2.2
      * Design catering also for applications needing low-latency
      * Highly portable, already running on most mainstream CPU's
      * Modular design and use of 3rd party best of breed libraries
        means no bloat
      * LGPL licensing lays no restrictions on application developers
      * Easy for applications to ship their own plugins to the core as
      * Compiles with both GCC and Forte compilers
      * Tested to run on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris

Updates with regard to 0.6.0
      * Makefile corrections for bison/flex generated files (#101421)
      * Better handling of unknown popt arguments (don't g_error()!)
      * Fixes for systems that don't have stdint.h and still want a52dec
      * Moved gst-element-check.m4 macro from plugins to core (#104282)
      * Cleanup for arts Makefile (generated files mess; #104689)
      * Remove CVS dir from dist for ffmpeg (#104752)
      * xvideosink does no longer open $DISPLAY when registering plugins
      * Improved vorbis typefinding (also works for streams; #106448)
      * Fix osssrc read()-before-format-negotiation bug (#106709)
      * ISO C fix - use time_t instead of long (#106774)
      * make ffmpeg use $(MAKE) instead of make (#106776)
      * fix m4 scripts for lrint/lrintf (freeBSD fix; #106777)
      * disable ffmpeg video/mpeg typefinding because it's too generic
      * Disable qcam plugin for archs that don't want it (everything but
        x86; #109048)
      * Workaround for v4l devices that say they have audio while they
        don't (mostly webcams; #109330)
      * spit out warning for cdparanoia discids that we know could be
        wrong (data/audio combi cds; #109558)
      * use guint32 instead of gulong for things that need to be 4 bytes
      * prevent closing random file descriptors in udpsrc (#109797)
      * Fix libgstcontrol linking (#109993 & #109994)
      * fix sine compilation (#110038)
      * upgrade dvdnav plugin to next lib version (#110138)
      * libgstplay/libgstgconf changes/additions (#110171)
      * avidemux endianness fixes (#110248)
      * fix modplug (#110252)
      * fix mikmod (#110253)
      * fix law plugins #110255)
      * fix wav file parsing (#110516)
      * fix wavenc on big-endian machines (#110542)
      * fix vorbis metadata writing (#110544)
      * new gthread-based schedulers (mostly relevant for archs where
        cothreads don't work at all, like sparc; #110545)
      * make bins forward EOS from their child elements (#110589)
      * fix spider in case source elements provide caps too (#93735)
      * fix mp3 typefinding, also works on streams now (#94113)
      * Use opt scheduler by default (increases portability, see
      * Solaris optimizations disabled (not working, #104715)
      * Fix wrong encoding of metadata in mad plugin (Latin instead of
        UTF-8, #104344)
      * Fix v4l compilation problems due to different versions of
        v4l/v4l2 headers around (#105467 & #110009)
      * Updates to goom/synaesthesia visualization plugins to prevent
        them from hanging on song change (DISCONT event)
      * Better dump_mem implementation (#109729)
      * Fix for incorrect refcounting (#110962, #110963, #110964,
        #109724 & #109727)
      * Fix for compilation with debug disabled (#106047)
      * New shaper element
      * Fix for mpeg playback crash (#110899)
      * Center X image that playbacks video (xvideosink) for non-Xv
        capable cards. Also give it black background borders
      * Send events over the eventhandler rather than the eventfunction
        directly, so schedulers can insert their own handler. Also known
        as "Voodoo only Wim understands" (#110976)

GStreamer Homepage
More details on these features can be found on the project's website,

Support and Bugs
We use Gnome's Bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests. The
"product name" is GStreamer (capital G). Please do the following before
writing a bug report :

gst-feedback &> feedback 2>&1
and attach the file "feedback" to your bug report, so that we have some
information useful in the debugging process. 

GStreamer is hosted on SourceForge. All code is in CVS and can be
checked out from there. Interested developers of the core library,
plug-ins, and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list.
If there is sufficient interest we will create more lists as necessary.

We are still looking for people with access to FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX,
Irix and True64 that would be willing to try building and testing
GStreamer. Patches fixing such problems are also more than welcome.

Contributors to this release
Patches to the core of Gstreamer
      * Wim Taymans <wim.taymans(AT)>
      * Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas(AT)>
      * David I. Lehn <dlehn(AT)>
      * David Schleef <ds(AT)>
      * Joshua N Pritikin <vishnu(AT)>
      * Ronald Bultje <rbultje(AT)>
      * Benjamin Otte <in7y118(AT)>

Plugins and Sample Applications
      * Julien MOUTTE <jmoutte(AT)>
      * Cameron Hutchison <camh+gst(AT)>
      * Iain Holmes <iain(AT)>
      * Jérémy Simon <jsimon13(AT)>
      * Jan Schmidt <thaytan(AT)>
      * Andrew Turner <zombie(AT)>
      * Leif Morgan Johnson <lmjohns3(AT)>
      * Marinus Schraal <foser(AT)>
      * Martin Janzen <janzen(AT)>

      * Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus(AT)>

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