Re: CD Recording API (example)

Bastien Nocera wrote:


I thought I'd drop this link in for the people working on our cdrecord
front-end library.

Wow, this is huge. Anyway, a good reference.

I would expect a simpler start point for "gnome-burn".

A simple gnome_burn_write_layout(xmlTree), where xmlTree is an in memory tree or a file, can do for most apps.

Rhythmbox creating a simple xml tree with the mp3/ogg/whatever to burn.
Nautilus creating a simple xml tree containing the file list to burn.

so the gnome-burn bonobo object/binary takes care burning the "project" and shows a simple progress window.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

TCPA y Palladium:
TCPA and Palladium:

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