Re: Sweep 0.5.7 -- now with Ogg Vorbis support

On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 06:30:11PM +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Hey Conrad,
> I wanted to test-drive scrubby, so I made packages for Red Hat 8.0.
> They're up at
> I tried it, scrubby works very well.  It's a nice touch that it actually
> has some inertia so you can "throw" it backwards like an lp player.
> I even have some spiffy DALET scrub wheel panels that might even interface 
> with it ;)

cool, that would totally rock :)

> I couldn't figure out how to apply effects, though, but maybe I just 
> didn't find the right option.

either you don't have any LADSPA plugins installed, or you just haven't
selected anything.

of course switching back to the select tool means switching away from
scrubby -- this is the hard part. Don't worry, there's a secret
keybinding to use scrubby any time (that key with the funny box logo
on it, between ctrl and alt on a 104 key keyboard)

anyway, select something and the effects are in the "Process" menu, and also
on the right mouse menu.

if you don't have any plugins --

debian packages are swh-plugins and cmt, not sure if these are in
Red Hat 8.0?

> So, any plans on using GStreamer ? ;)

yeah, eventually, but it's not on my immediate TODO list (more like in
the next 6 months or so)

I guess I plan to use GStreamer as an import/export method, to read in
sound from movie files etc., and possibly for recording and playback,
especially if GStreamer becomes the default audio API for Gnome.

if anyone wants to have a go at implementing GStreamer import/export for
sweep, it'd be pretty easy and very much appreciated-- have a look at
eg. src/file_vorbis.c, you just need to supply load() and save() functions.
Please do it against the stable release of GStreamer -- please treat Sweep
as production code! -- and I'm happy to help with any questions ...


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