Re: Audio API

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 01:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> GStreamer is not a sound server! We'd still be using esd for the sound
> server, though we may very well use GStreamer as the API (or the basis of
> it).

Correct, gstreamer is not a sound server.
Where did I say it was?

The subject of this email seems to be "Re: Audio API".

With GStreamer we can support all sound servers, and none, for the
people who don't need one.

Which means that "The GNOME Project" don't need to say you need
Latest-wizzbang-sound-server-that-will-be-unmaintained-in-3-months to
run gnome with sound and people can use whatever suits their needs: JACK
if they need low latency, ALSA if they don't need one at all, Arts if
they want KDE still as well...etc. (and technically, although I've not
tested it, I guess, you could set the gconf key to vorbisenc ! filesink,
and get an ogg of whatever you're playing...)

Everyone is happy


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