Re: New in the list..

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, MF Carlos wrote:

> I would like to help in the gnome proyect. I'm a Electrical Engineer,.
> so i can try to program something that you need,...
> I have also a rock band, and i like to do electronic sounds. If you need
> some sounds to the gnome desktop tell me and i'll try to create nice
> ones.
> That's all. (I don't really know the way the list works.) Hope that
> don't buther you.

Improvements to the gnome-audio sounds are always welcome - if you have
some sounds you want to submit, just let the list know where to download
them, and you will get some feedback from people :)

For coding, gnome-devel-list or are probably better
places to look.

-- Elliot

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