Request for information

Hello! I am trying to find the actual status of the sound architecture
in Gnome and the people involved in it. This is to contact them and
share some thoughts and offering my help.

I saw in some place in the web, that HP wants to eliminate Esound from
Gnome, saying that the underlying OS should have an adequate sound
manipulation, but that's the only hint I've received. I've seen that
Esound isn't updated anymore since a year or two. I think something must
be done about this.

I've tested asd and it works great at some extent and has good ideas
implemented on it. It needs improvement and that is where I enter into
picture. I want to help do the job. I tried to contact asd's author with
no luck, but he already manifested he wanted to replace esd in gnome. I
think this is something that must be done.

Much of the pain of using Linux for me has been sound. Cards that won't
convert sample rates and not being able to reproduce two samples at the
same time, are the two main problems. Esd solved the second problem, but
with poor perfomance, and can't convert sample rates, something asd is
working at, with a much more modern design. Gnome want's to help easing
the use of computers but isn't doing much in this aspect, having the
proper tools to do it!

I want to get involved with this, I use Gnome every day and I like it
more and more as new releases emerge. I want to help to improve it and
in this way contribute to a project that has made so much for all the


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