Re: ASD as gnome sound server?

Has anyone suggested using libao for the sound?
It seems nice, not that I'm doing much with it, it can support lots of
different sound devices, esd and arts currently are the two sound
daemons it supports, and it also supports direct output to alsa and oss.
The API is such that you open the sound device, and pass it a buffer of
raw sound data and it plays it on whatever output you opened.

It might end these this daemon is better than that one argument that we
keep having.

So this isn't an advocation for using libao, more a is there any reason
why we need to specify a full sound daemon.

I'll shut up now

(Sorry to hijack your email, but an ASD backend to libao might be nice
too :)

On 28 Apr 2001 16:26:17 +0200, Lennart Poettering wrote:

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