Re: Programming sound for simulation program

On 5 Dec 2001, Christopher Lee wrote:

> I know nothing of sound programming and the gnome-sound documentation
> at is minimal, so I'd like recommendations for
> toolkits or libraries I may be able to use.  What I'd like is to be
> able to loop different .wav sounds to indicate things like motor
> torques, play a .wav a single time when a wheel contacts the ground or
> gripper contacts a part, and eventually be able to generate a .wav
> which syncs these sounds to their timing in the generated video.  It
> would be really nice if I could be playing music from a mod-file in
> the background too (in both the interface and the video)?  I also
> cannot spend a ton of time on this (need to do real research too), so
> if I had to write a lot of the code myself I'd better skip sound
> completely.

mikmod might do what you want, or perhaps OpenAL. In any case, this is 
pretty unrelated to GNOME, and you might get better answers on a general 
multimedia list.

-- Elliot

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