Adding cdda


I am working on adding cdda capability under Solaris to GNOME's two cd players
- firstly the applet and later on gtcd. That way users will be able to listen
to their cds over /dev/audio (or /dev/dsp) even in the absence of an internal
cable from their cdrom to the audio device.

Implementation: For the applet the intial plan is to add the "Enable/Disable
Digital Playback" command to its current list (just below "Run CD Player...").
When activated two threads will be created, one to read from the cd and one
to write to /dev/audio. The new cdrom related functions will be added to
cdrom-solaris.c while a new file, audio-solaris.c, will look after /dev/audio
operations. Porting to Linux should be straightforward.

Thoughts? Issues? Objections? All welcomed.


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