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I thought I'd foward this to the sound list. I assume Miguel is talking
about SDL and/or OpenAL. 

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Subject: Re: Info on Gnome and multimedia
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> I would like to start several student projects related to multimedia
> transmission (facilities for videoconferencing and the like). I would
> like to suggest the stiudents to work within the Gnome
> framework. I wonder whether there is soemthing like an architecture
> for multimedia in Gnome, or libraries for multimedia, or any
> documentation avilable, or whatever (appart from esound, of which I
> already know).

It depends on what kind of work you are most interested in.  There is
a whole universe of things multimedia wise that need to be addressed.

You might want to talk to vladimir helixcode com as he has been
researching the various options for GNOME.

If you are just interested in audio/display libraries, I think that
the best thing to use are the Lokigames.com produced libraries for
this task.  

Ideally, we should write a quick-time like library that would handle
this kind of things, and that was a bonobo component that can be


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