Re: ESD Problem with Solaris 28 (sun4u sparc ultra 10)

Hi Guys,

I still haven't found anyone up to the challenge... (see below for original 
post). I have since found another error that might be helpful.

Gnome-WARNING **: error caching sample <1>!

I have also found that when I use esdcat on the commandline I get a very 
distorted noise.

Any ideas? I am hoping that it will be something simple. There _has_ to be an 
esd user or developer that is up to the challenge! I need sound desparately to 
restore my fading sanity... ;-)

Every suggestion or feedback is welcome.

Kind Regards,


> Tue, 31 Oct 2000 12:03:51 +1000
> Matt Davies writes:
> Hi,
> -- expert help needed ---
> I am running Gnome 1.2 Stable from an NFS filesystem under Solaris 2.8 and I 
> cannot get sound to work. When I play samples I get a barely detectable 
> crackle.
> I need some help to work out the problem because,
> 1. I don't have esd knowledge ;-)
> 2. I can't find doco that helps troubleshoot
> 3. I do not have exposure to the esd history which might suggest a simple 
> solution
> 4. I do not have administration priveleges, but can suggest changes...
> Thanks for your time. I am willing to provide as much feedback as necessary a
> s 
> required.
> Kind Regards,
> Matt
> -- 
> Matt Davies [mailto:mdavies dstc edu au]

Matt Davies [mailto:mdavies dstc edu au]

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