Re: [gnome-mud] timer/ticker plugin

Well..... it doesn't seem to work.

I didn't think that sleep would work....and indeed it doesn't. Because
using a sleep function would not allow the initialization of the python
plugins to complete.

So instead I tried using threading.Timer, but the timer is never able to
elapse. Probably this has to do with the interaction of the python
interpreter and the C gnome-mud code.

The end result is that I cannot think of a way to get your simple plugin
to work using python. Maybe a C plugin will work? Maybe I'll take a look :)


Mike Ginou wrote:
> Yeah it'd be something like that.  Of course, I don't really know python
> either. But I have a few plugin examples to go on. :)
> 007919 wrote:
>> On 7/19/06, Mike Ginou <mike ginou ca> wrote:
>>> How many of these triggers would you plan on setting?
>> Just one.
>>> And what do you envision a typical value for n being?
>> 60 seconds.
>> I know perl, but not python, so I could figure out enough to modify
>> anything  you write.
>> I was thinking something like time.sleep(60); send('this to mud
>> server'); in a loop. But like I said, I don't know python nor the
>> gnomemud API.
>> Thanks.

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