Re: [gnome-mud] new to gnome-mud , need help with plugin

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 12:56, Beven wrote:
> I am totaly new to gnome mud and seem to be having a problem with
> getting the new HP monitor plugin to work... I am running gnomemud on
> Ubuntu linux installed via apt get I have the file in
> the .gnome-mud dir in my home dir. Python is working fine, but the
> plugin fails to apear in the gnome-mud plugin information window..
> 	What must I do to enable the plugin or other wise make it work?

Unfortunately, Python plugins don't actually appear in the plug-in information 
menu at this time.

Place the plugin in ~/.gnome-mud/plugins/, when you next start Gnome-mud you 
should see the bars at the top of your screen. You may need to customize how 
the plugin detects HP information though (at the top of the plugin source 
file you'll find a table of regular expressions, you'll need to create a set 
of regular expressions to parse the HP information your mud provides).

If you have trouble creating the regexxes, post me a few samples of the HP 
info strings (prompt / combat notification) and I'll see if I can write them 
for you.

"System Administators -- Postal workers of the computer industry" - Ricky

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