[gnome-mud] PCREPlugin

Hi everyone,

I have a far more substantial plugin for you guys this time.  To my
knowledge this is the most complex plugin yet released for Gnome-mud so
for those folks who want to see how a more complex plugin is setup the
source might be of value to you.

PCREPlugin adds Perl Compatible Regular Expression-enabled
Triggers/Aliases.  This is a seperate Trigger/Alias system from the one
built into gnome-mud.  After .11 is released I will see what I can do to
integrate much of this into the main application.  Basically this lets
you use perl regexes to control your trigger and alias actions.

This also includes a handy feature that lets you shunt text from the MUD
into its own terminal window if it matches a trigger you have set up.
This is handy for channels and keeps the spam down on your main

/pcre - Displays the main interface to the plugin.
/pcreabout - Displays my cheesy aboutbox.

<standard plugin disclaimer>
The modules_api.h file of the gnome-mud source is out of date with the
implementation and you will have to change:

Line 31: extern void plugin_connection_send(gchar *text);


Line 31: extern void plugin_connection_send(CONNECTION_DATA
*connection,gchar *text);

...to compile the plugin.
</standard plugin disclaimer>  

Compilation and installation instructions are included in the README
file in the tarball.  Extract the tarball into (gnome-mud source

Feedback and bug reports are both welcome.  Feel free to email or talk
in the gnome-mud irc channel.


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