Re: [gnome-mud] gnome-mud-glade-branch

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 04:07:49AM -0800, Les Harris wrote:
> I checked out the libglade cvs and got it to compile and run.  So good
> first step.  What needs to be done? Is there a current roadmap?  
> I am loathe to start hacking willy-nilly without some conception of what
> actually needs to be done. 
> Any ideas on what I could be doing?

Hi Les,

That branch was merged back to HEAD some time ago, but nobody has worked
further on it. The goal for 0.11 was to port gnome-mud to libglade,
redesigning some of the dialogs which were truly horrid UI-wise at the
same time, and if possible, refactoring some code to make it use some of
the newer gtk/gnome standards (ie, get rid of deprecated functions,

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have much time to hack on gnome-mud right
now. If you think you can help, you're *greatly* welcome. A few people
gather in #gnome-mud @, so if you want to chat, just hop
in. Be ready for some idling, though, our timezones are a bit funny
(Europe, Australia...)

In short, what HEAD needs right now is to get back all the functionality
that has been lost from 0.10 in the transition, and make it work. Right
now, it segfaults quite easily.

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