[gnome-mud] Multi-line Input Plugin

Hi all,

First off, sorry if this isn't the right place for this but there aren't
alot of gnome-mud forums etc in existence.

I made a little plugin that pops up a multi-line input window that you
can use to do things like softcode (on MUSHes for example).  

Since plugin_register_menu() is b0rked the only interface I could expose
is a text-based one.  

The commands are:
/mi - Shows the multi-line input window
/miabout - Shows my cheesy about dialog.

You will need the pcre library (http://www.pcre.org/) installed to
compile.  Also, the modules_api.h file is out of date with the
implementation and you will have to change:

Line 31: extern void plugin_connection_send(gchar *text);


Line 31: extern void plugin_connection_send(CONNECTION_DATA
*connection,gchar *text);

Unless you like gnome-mud crashing hard that is ;-)

I'm working on another plugin using libpcre that will add trigger/alias
support to gnome-mud and once I get some wacky GHashTable weirdness
fixed I'll post that here too (assuming I'm not flamed into oblivian
from this one).

Grab the source here:

Move the tarball to (gnome-mud root)/plugins
Extract said tarball
make install (Just copies the plugin to ~/.gnome-mud/plugins for you)

Note: I'm using the 0.10.7 release, if the plugin interface has changed
in the CVS this will probably die.

Hopefully it'll be of some use to any of you who use gnome-mud for
well... mudding :) 


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