Re: Default character encoding in Gnome Terminal

Quoth Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org>:
> It must be set in the environment read by gnome-terminal. Appears your
> locale is set too late. 
> Try for instance:
> 1. killall gnome-terminal (do not run this on Solaris ;)
> 2. start an xterm
> 3. start gnome-terminal
> now see what encoding gnome-terminal selected...
> Change your config so that the locale is correctly set from gdm.

Thanks.  You gave me the nudge I needed.

The simplest workaround is of course to edit the launcher command to

  env LANG="<locale>" gnome-terminal ...

I've had gdm configured to automatically log me in for so long now I'd
forgotten that you can set the language for each session at the login
screen (and nowhere else!) and if the langauge setting has changed,
you are then asked if you would like to make this language the
default language setting for subsequent sessions.

In the end that was all that was causing the problem.

I'd love to know where this information is stored.  It's not kept in
any of the obvious places.  Believe me, I've looked.


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