Multihead madness, or, things I'd like to do with the desktop, but can't

I've recently started fooling around with multihead operation on my laptop,
and I've come across a few UI things that I can't figure out how to do.  I
have a multihead display, but I don't always use the second monitor.  This
leads to the following situation.

When I run in Xinerama mode, I get applications placed on the "other"
screen, and no way to move them to the main screen without turning them on.
I can't figure out a way to either..

   a) Disable (or restrict) autoplace.
   b) Use the workspace switcher to drag the app over to the correct

(what's really frustrating is that the switcher appears to move the
application, but when you release it, it snappes back to it's prior place
on the workspace.  You can move it between workspaces, but that's it)

So maybe using it in cloned mode would solve that, except there isn't a
way to move applications in between the desktops.  What's started on one
monitor seems permanently linked to that monitor.

So, is there a way to either fix my problems in Xinerama or in Cloned
desktop mode?

Thanks in advance.

   //))           Jason M. SULLIVAN   jsullivan nc rr com
 //\_-     "That's not music, that's just sound!" - J. David Fries

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