Re: how to invoke deskbar in gnome 2.14


On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 08:42 +0000, Neil Bird wrote:
> Around about 23/03/06 03:50, yinglcs2 yahoo com typed ...
> > I have installed fedora 5 with gnome 2.14.
> > How can I invoke the deskbar in gnome 2.14?
> > I tried "Alt -f3", but nothing happens.
>    Sorry, don't follow.  "Deskbar"?  I know of <Alt-F1> to get the main menu, 
> and <Alt-F2> for 'Run'.  <Alt-F3> is a new one on me.  Do you mean <Alt-Tab>? 
>   Or maybe <Ctrl-Alt-Tab> [to get to the panel] then <tab> to the windowlist 
> applet?

The deskbar is a new panel applet that was introduced in GNOME 2.14.
For more details on what it is, have a look at the release notes:
(about 1/3rd of the way down the page)

To invoke the deskbar, you have to have the applet on a panel.  You can
put it on a panel by right-clicking on the panel and selecting "add to
panel..." and choosing it from the list of applets.  This will put a
text entry on the panel.

To invoke the deskbar, either click on the text entry and start typing
or (from anywhere on the desktop) use the keys "alt - F3", which will
focus the deskbar entry where you can start typing.

Hope this helps

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