Re: Menubar and toolbar disappeared

O/H Ufuk έγραψε:
I am using Debian sid, and have recently run a system update, the first time i rebooted the system after the update i realised that the menubar (the one that lies on the topmost of the screen, by default) and the toolbar (the one with running windows and workspace selector) disappeared, and I have no idea how to get them back. This has caused me a big loss of functionality and i am quite annoyed by that. I'd appreciate if anyone can guide me on how i can fix this issue. On a forum someone suggested to check permissions to .gnome2/panel2d and all it's subfolders, i did that but no change so far.
This is called "panel", not menubar/toolbar. There are two of them by default in GNOME. You can populate the panels with applets, such as the "menu" applet (usually top panel, left), the "window list" applet (usually the botton panel), time&date, sound mixer, and so on. You can have more than one panels, on any of sides of the screen (top, bottom, left, right). If you remove the bottom panel by accident, you can create a new one and re-populate it with the usually applets.

Normally GNOME is configured in a way so that if one panel is left on screen, you cannot remove it.
Therefore, something wrong happened.
Are you able to start "gnome-panel" in order to get going?


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