gnome-search-tool fulltext criterias

Hi all,

i was wondering about the gnome-search-tool lately. Using the advanced
options it seems to find text-phrases in office-text-documents (*.sxw,
*.doc). Is this a desired behaviour or just coincidence? I initially thought
it was merely searching filenames for phrases, but it seems to look in
readable files also, which is quite nice. The thing is that the
search-results seem to be really unpredictable. For example searching for
short phrases works better than searching for longer terms. On the other
hand it seems to find some terms just in .doc files (which we keep for
archiving issues), but other results are only placed in .sxw files. Which
would be reasonable if only these files would contain the term - but they
don't. When searching for "mail" I ended up with about ten results, all of
them in different OpenOffice documents. But there are MS Word documents in
the same directory that contain the term "mail" as well...

Watching that, i wondered if the gnome-search-tool is supposed to search in
documents. If not, why does it work (partly) and how? If it allows
fulltext-searching criteria, why does it return these irrational results?

Thanks for Your input and ideas,

P.S. We're using gnome-search-tool v2.2.3, which is quite outdated, but we
cannot upgrade in this enviroment. Sorry for that. If the depicted behaviour
is fixed in a newer version, then please tell me. Thanks in advance!

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