Re: How to customize the right-click pop-up in GNOME?

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
> I am working on a utility (GNU Songanizer ->
> that provides diferent views of
> a collection of songs stored in the user's HDD, based on various
> attributes. I would like to integrate it with GNOME, so that whenever
> someone right-clicks on a directory containing songs the pop-up window
> would have an option, similar to 'Create archive...', to invoke the
> songanizer script. Could any one tell me how to achieve this?

As people say, the *easiest* way is to use nautilus-actions, the problem
is that nautilus-actions is not yet[1] integrated in default nautilus so
you need nautilus-actions already installed on the system, after that,
your application just have to install a gconf schema to add your custom
menu entry. The *hard* way would be to write a nautilus-extension but
that is too much pain just for you want to achieve.

[1] It was proposed for 2.14 but it didn't got in, hopefully it'll be in
2.16, here's a link[2] from its discussion in ddl.


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