GNOME is not saving my settings.

Running Hoary, kernel-2.6.10-5-386, Gnome 2.10.0

A recent problem resulted in Gnome-Session hanging up after loading Nautilus.� Errors indicated "could not connect to gconf server."� Not having any better idea, I removed the ".gconf" and ".gnome2" and ".nautilus" directories, forcing Gnome (I thought) to recreate things as though this was my first login.

That worked -- I could now complete the login, and I could rebuild my desktop the way I wanted it.
HOWEVER, now Gnome doesn't save and restore my settings.� Every restart is from scratch.

Could someone please suggest where I should look for this problem?

David A. Cobb, Software Engineer, Public Access Advocate
"By God's Grace, I am a Christian man; by my actions a great sinner." -- The Way of a Pilgrim: R.French, Tr.
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