Strange colors in gnome menus after Xorg upgrade

I am using Gnome (i think 2.12.3) on a Debian system.

I just decided to upgrade my old XFree86 server to Xorg, since apparently that's what we're supposed to do and I thought it would solve some video card problems (it didn't -- but rendering is faster now).. then I upgraded gnome from 2.12.2 to 2.12.3 -- it only upgraded a few gnome packages and not all of them (there are several that still list 2.10.x version numbers, and many more that list, e.g. 2.12.1).

Anyway, everything seems to work fine... except the gnome 'foot' menu, tabs in gnome-terminal, and popup dialog boxes all have very peculiar colors. The foot menu is the most bizarre: every time I click on it it seems to come up a different color. Everything is supposed to be gray but it comes up, sometimes deep blue, sometimes pale yellow-faded, sometimes black (with black text, of course)... also, the borders of windows and things are occasionally strange colors. Everything seems to work normally except for this.

I figured I probably needed to upgrade some gnome-related packages that were incorrectly specified to the package manager, or something -- but I have no idea which. Taking a random guess, I tried upgrading libgnomeui-0, which triggered upgrades of a number of other packages (surprisingly, to 2.14.x!) (the 'About Gnome' dialog, which is also affected by the weirdness, states the gnome version is 2.12.3).

Any idea?  The color scheme is 'festive' but I'm not feeling festive.

I put a screenshot on -- you can see the maize-yellow tabs on gnome-terminal (which have since the screenshot changed to green), glitchy red-orange on the 'screensaver preferences' window, mysterious sky blue on the screenshot dialog itself... so bizarre.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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