Gnome dictionary application + many free dictionaries


I work on a system called the Universal dictionary. It currently
interconnects 34 languages. Users can download hundreds of
bilingual dictionaries from the system for FREE. I have also coded
applications which allow people to use the dictionaries offline. I
already have C++ console version, java version, delphi version and
C# version.

Do you think it is good idea to develop Gnome version? The app
would be released under GPL just like other versions. Would the app
be distributed as a part of Gnome? Only the app would be distributed
and users would then download any dictionary they want from the
Universal dictionary and copy them into the /data/ directory.
Application does not require database or internet connection. It
walks thru the text file every time user searches a word.

Universal dictionary is here -
Entries stats -
Dictionary download -
List of possible bilingual dicts -
Offline apps -

Yours sincerely

Zdenek Broz /

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